Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Summer Must Haves

It's finally starting to warm up here in the Bay Area. I was honestly worried for a while that summer did not exist here. It was pretty cold up until a few weeks ago. Now it gets up to about 90 degrees and I'm loving it!

Now that it's officially summer time, I've started to obsess over a few summer items.

Essie nail polish in Turquoise and Caicos
It's on my nails now and I can't get enough. After two layers, it's the perfect bright, summer color.

Straw Hat
I got this one at Nordstroms but I've seen similar ones at F21
I've never really been a hat person, but lately I've started to embrace them and add hats to my wardrobe. I love wearing this one with anything white. And I love wearing it on our beach days.

MAC's Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara
I've always refused to buy mascara anywhere else but Target. I did not think that just because a mascara is more expensive, it is that much better. HOWEVER, I recently discovered that is not the case. I am not blessed with long, thick lashes (like my husband's...I hope our babies get his lashes). Mine are basically non-existent. So I finally caved and tried this mascara from MAC and it's amazing! It has duel brushes, so one lengthens and one thickens. I promise you it's worth paying the $10 more.

MAC's Skin Finish Natural Bronzer in Sun Power
This bronzer is perfect for the summer time. My face never tans as well as the rest of my skin, so adding this gives my face a sun kissed, but natural looking glow. This along with my mascara is all I need for my low-key week days.

Keratin Hair Treatment
This last week when I got my hair did, I had my hair girl do the Keratin Hair Treatment to my very processed and damaged hair. It is similar to the Brazilian blow out, but without the harsh chemicals. My hair is not curly, but it does have a natural wave and some major frizz going on. I have to put lot and lots of product in to make it smooth and manageable. This treatment did wonders to my hair! It's now so smooth and healthy looking. I can get out of the shower, not put a drop of product in it, and it will dry straighter and smoother than ever before. It's has been perfect for air-drying days or days at the beach or pool. I'm hoping it will stay long enough for our cruise in August. I want to keep the smooth, silky hair for the Bahamas!

Library Card
I recently signed up for a library card at our local library. After buying books new and then finishing them 4 days later, it was getting pretty pricey! The girls in my Book Club suggested getting a library card. Why hadn't I thought of that before?? It's a great can search and request a book on line from your house, the library will find it on the shelf and hold it up front for you. I have my copy of Juliet ready for pick up today and I can't wait! The card is free so you can get book after book for reading at the pool or the beach.

Happy Summer Everyone!

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