Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday To You

So lucky to have this boy.

So happy we get to celebrate his birthday today. 27 years young.

Happy Birthday Lover.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Pictures

I tend to use my iphone camera to document our lives. Here is the rest of our summer in randomness pictures:

Mothers Day Flowers

Memorial Day Carnival

Monday Nights : The Bachelorette and a puzzle

Local farmers market

Lunch date in San Fran

Alameda County Fair : Petting Zoo

Usual weekday night

Weekday driving range sesh

Sunday bake day

Saturday beach day

Weekday temple sesh

Saturday date night

Walk on the golf course

Weekday pool days

Anniversary Date Night

I don't think we are ready for summer to almost end.
We <3 Summertime

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy 2 Years to Us!

I cannot believe our two year anniversary is already here! It feels like I was just writing a post for our one year. This last year has gone by so quick with all of the changes in our lives. I can not even imagine my life without Owen and I love how he has been apart of it for so long now. He is my everything and he always will be.

In honor of our anniversary, I listed 20 things (since our wedding day was the 20th) about Owen and I as a couple:

1. We are both Virgos and our birthdays are 5 days apart.
2. We both come from families of 6 kids.

3. 95% of the time Owen wakes up first and goes to bed last.

4. We share the same Great, Great, Great Grandparents.
5. We are both so competitive against each other. Cards, board games, sports: We don't like to lose.

6. We both have hazel (green, sometimes brown) eyes.

7. We once lived in the same ward boundaries. He moved out and I moved in a month later, just missing each other.

8. I am the cooker, cleaner, laundry person and grocery shopper. But Owen does the ironing.
9. We finally figured out to share plates when we go out to dinner. We usually like the same things and I could never finish an entire plate by myself.
10. We grew up with the same mutual friends for most of our lives, but never met each other until he was 23 and I was 22.

11. Owen is ALWAYS the first to say 'I'm sorry'.

12. I am the spender. Owen is the saver.
13. Owen can live the rest of his life without making our bed. I cannot! It's the first thing I do when I get up in the morning.

14. We still love playing Guitar Hero together.

15. Owen tickles my forehead or arm every night to help me fall asleep.

16. We both love our reality TV shows.
17. We love going to concerts together. It's one of the first things we would do when we met.
18. We are both obsessed with dogs (especially our dogs)
19. You can find us at the beach or pool almost every Saturday. We love our sun.
20. We have been married for two whole years and still love each other as much, if not more, than our wedding day.

Now since we love each other so much we are off to the Bahamas in a week (finally) to celebrate! Yay for anniversaries!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sausalito Date Night

Sausalito: is a San Francisco Bay Area city. The community is situated near the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge, and prior to the building of that bridge served as a terminus for rail, car and ferry traffic. It has been developed as a wealthy and artistic enclave, a picturesque residential community (incorporating large numbers of houseboats), and a tourist destination. It is adjacent to, and largely bounded by, the protected spaces of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Saturday night we had a chance to go to Sausalito for an evening out with some friends. This quaint little town is right across the bay from San Francisco and has a great view of the city. There are yummy restaurants and boutiques on Main Street, a boat harbor and more restaurants on the water. The homes all line Main Street and all were so unique. We checked out the shopping, gawked at the sail boats/yachts in the harbor, ate at a yummy little Italian place and had ice cream cones for dessert. I'm glad we had a night with friends to enjoy this beautiful city.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oregon or Bust

This past week my entire family {minus the mama, she was in DC} came and visited Owen and I in San Francisco. We had my aunt and uncle's 50th Wedding Anniversary/family reunion in Oregon that weekend, so the family came early to spend some time in Northern California.

It was so great having everyone stay with us. Even though it was super crowded in our 700 sq. ft. apartment, we managed to fit all 8 of us and have a good time together. I loved being able to show everyone my new home and taking them to all the places we love around here.

Piled air mattress' in our tiny living room

Wednesday we headed to the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom park. It was a theme park/zoo combined into one. The roller coasters were a bit disappointing (they were nothing like the coasters at Magic Mountain), but it made up for it by the fun animals all around. The great thing about my family is we can make any situation a good time.

Thursday we took everyone to our favorite beach down in Santa Cruz. This was my favorite day. We stayed on the beach near the boardwalk, so we jumped around from hanging out on the beach, playing arcade games, shopping, eating yummy food, lots of smash ball and surfing.

Friday was San Francisco day. We were in a rush on Friday since we had to leave to Oregon this day, so I tried to fit the fun, touristy stuff into one afternoon. We rode the trolley up to Union Square for some pizza and shopping, walked around Pier 39 to sight see and eat the fresh sea food, headed over to Ghirardelli's for some ice cream, then drove across the Golden Gate Bridge. I wish we could have had more time since there was so many more fun things to do, but maybe next time :)

Friday afternoon/night, we made the 11 hour drive up to Oregon. We made it there at 3AM and stayed with my cousin, Sue and her family. The next day we celebrated my Aunt Arlene and Uncle Paul's 50th Wedding Anniversary (my mom's sister)! What's crazy is I remember my grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary when I was 6 when we had it in Oregon. I've always loved visiting my aunt's farm so I'm glad Owen got to meet a lot of my mom's family and see Oregon.

My Uncle Paul and Aunt Arlene and their daughters
Owen and I at the plant nursery,
Me, my mom, my sister

Owen and I at the party
Lots of card playing
Delicious smoked BBQ
Playing the Bean Bag Toss (boys were obsessed with this game)

More card playing. My family LOVES playing cards
They made card decks with my aunt/uncle's wedding pictures on them...great idea!

Family picture
Looking out at the farm from the front porch

Owen and I on the farm
Fresh blackberry pie
My aunt's cabin
Beautiful green Oregon trees

More cabin fun

On Monday we made the drive back down my house, and everyone flew home. I just finished doing loads and loads of laundry from everyone staying here AND getting caught up with work, but it was totally worth it. Thank you family for taking the time to stay with are welcome back anytime!