Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Showers

Today is another rainy, gloomy day {week} in the Bay Area.

It does, however, make everything look fresh and green. And the rain outside smells lovely too.

It gives me an excuse to bundle up in my BYU sweats and hoodie for the day. They are oh. so. comfy. and I even sport them while walking the pup.

Jax doesn't mind the cold, wet outdoors either.

These past few nights we did have a few friends come through town and stay with us. First was Trevor, Heidi and McCoy Wood then the next night Brock and Liz Mason. YAY VISITORS! Even though they were short stays, it was nice to have friends over.

And on a side note, I found my new love in The City. After we ate in Little Italy with the Masons we headed over to Ghirardelli's Square at the wharf. The hot fudge sundae was to.die.for. It's was honestly the most amazing, delicious chocolate I have ever had. Now I can't wait to go back again and get my own rather than share with Owen. Yum.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I left my heart in Arizona...

...for 3 weeks. 3 whole weeks we were visiting! It was fabulous. Arizona in March is the greatest. The high was in the 80's and the smell of orange blossoms filled the air. We had a variety of events to attend to during the 3 weeks, and Owen got lucky enough to work there for 2 of them, so the timing was perfect.

One of the main reasons we went down was for my friend Erin's wedding. Her missionary got home a few months ago and they got engaged right away. I am SO happy for her and Shawn. They make a great couple and I know they'll be loving married life.

Wedding Day : Mesa, AZ Temple

The beautiful bride!

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Nimmer


We spent the weekends seeing our Arizona friends that we've missed so much. We are so lucky to have the greatest friends!

Kava night at the Rogers'

Saturday morning Softball Game

And now some not-so happy news:

Yup that's right. Our little puppy Jade got out of my parent's backyard and never returned. We thought at first someone would definitely find her and call us (since she did have her collar on), but now we are convinced that they couldn't deny her cuteness and kept her for their own. We did everything we possibly could to find her, but no luck. We are hoping that whoever has her wanted her bad enough to take really good care of her. Returning back to CA with only one pup was really sad though. Tear.

We were able to go to Braeden's Pine Wood Derby race and watch him win 1st place...go Brae!!

Pine Wood Derby

During our last week there I ended up getting the cold/flu thing that was going around. Ahhh. So. Miserable. It didn't help that I was at work ALL ALONE for the week while my family (which means our entire office staff) partied it up in Rocky Point, Mexico for Spring Break.

I had to do some major stocking up on sickness supplies to make it through the days.

I did manage to go to a super fun girls lunch...

...and hang out with Dawn and Stephanie's families at Peter Piper Pizza for a dinner.

Loch and Ash



My family got back from Mexico the day before we left back home to California, so we were able to celebrate my mom's birthday with a yummy dinner and delicious cup cakes.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

It was really a great trip and we are very much blessed to be able to stay in Arizona to see our family and friends. We made it back to our home in California (and the rain and cold), but I'm already looking forward to my next AZ visit.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Love (Temple Sealing) Story

**I mostly wrote this entry for my own documenting purposes. But I wanted to share this special I've included some (not all) of our temple sealing details.**

MARCH 5, 2011

Today is a day that Owen and I have been waiting for a long time. We were finally able to get sealed in the Mesa, Arizona temple. We started the cancellation process of my previous temple marriage almost 2 years ago, so it was a relief that everything was FINALLY finalized so Owen and I could get sealed. One thing that this process taught me was patience. There were so many frustrating times and feelings of doubt when we went through this process. Even though it should have been no problem to get my cancellation from my ex, because we had previous debts filed in our divorce papers, we had to get those taken care. Who knew the church was so picky about this! So we knew what we had to do, but at the same time we felt that everything bad was happening to try to prolong the process. We felt that we hit every single bump in the road that just made the entire process more difficult than it had to be. It was so discouraging! Up until the week of our wedding, we still had hopes that we could get the cancellation done in time. However, we found out nothing was able to be submitted and we would have to get married civilly, then continue to wait for the cancellation. When our wedding day came on August 20, 2009, we were so happy to be getting married, but we were a bit sad that we weren’t able to get sealed that day. We found out there was still a long road ahead of us to get to that point because we were trying to work with my ex-husband. Even though we were both still temple worthy, we felt like we let down our families by not being able to get sealed that day. It was a bitter-sweet day.

After we were married, we had a goal to go to the temple for an endowment session every month. Every time we went, all that I could think about is the significance of being sealed to your spouse. It broke my heart that Owen and I weren’t sealed yet. I loved him more than anything and I couldn’t imagine not being with him throughout eternity. We were always so scared that something would happen to either of us before we could get sealed together in the temple. More than ever, I realized how important it was to be sealed to him. And I knew I didn’t want anyone else, just him. Owen was so patient and understanding throughout the whole process. It made my love for him grow so much. However, I felt so guilty for not being able to get sealed on our wedding day. I felt I was taking something away from him that he had worked for his entire life. It killed me. It killed us. We both wanted it so bad. I would just imagine about the day that we could finally kneel at the alter together in the temple as husband and wife, being sealed for time and all eternity. I would literally get tears in my eyes just imagining what that day would be like. One thing that I am truly grateful for is how this process really helped me understand the importance of a temple sealing and what it really means for your family. I think that being married for a year and a half helped me realize more than ever, even more than before our wedding day, that Owen was the one for me and that we would make an eternal family together. That feeling of surety was so comforting. While in the temple sessions, I would look over at Owen and know without a doubt that he was the one that I needed to be there with.

It was in September of 2010 that I got everything worked out with my ex-husband (because of our previous debts, I couldn’t even file for the temple cancellation until everything was taken care of. That was the main reason the process took SO long). We were finally able to apply for the cancellation and know that it should be approved by the First Presidency. We worked with my bishop for 4 long months (long because my ex-husband decided to all of the sudden not cooperate with the process. Again, so frustrating). We got papers and documents submitted and the interviews taken care of within those 4 months. At the end of December, my Stake President submitted everything to Salt Lake to be reviewed. We were so anxious to get that cancellation letter back. On January 31, 2011, my dad called me and told me I got a letter from the Church. He opened it and it read that my temple sealing to my ex was cancelled effective that date, and I was able to get re-sealed. Finally! I was shaking from excitement. I finally felt free of my ex-husband and I couldn’t wait to be sealed to Owen. I called Owen to tell him and we celebrated. It was such a great feeling! Finally all of our hard work and patience paid off. We felt like this day would never come. We called our family right away to make plans for a date. We were living in California by now and wanted to get sealed in the Mesa, Arizona temple. So the next day, we set a date, time and reserved Brother Perkinson as our sealer. We quickly met with our new bishop and stake president in California to get our Living Ordinance Recommend to be sealed. We were so happy to have a date to look forward to.

We decided on March 5, 2011 as the date. We invited our family and close friends for this special day. Owen and I drove out to Arizona the week before. We had to be in Arizona for other events anyways around this time, so it was perfect date for our sealing. Owen’s parents flew in from Texas for the weekend. Even his sister’s from Utah, Emily and Lydia and their families drove down for our sealing. We had other family and friends come in from out of town as well. We have such great friends and families who love and support us…we are so blessed. I felt like it was a wedding celebration again. The night before our sealing, I did not sleep well. I was so anxious. It was a weird feeling…like I was getting married again. Except this time I already had Owen sleeping by my side and he was already my husband for a year and a half. I couldn’t help but feel that this marriage ceremony was the real thing. It was the one that mattered, and I couldn’t wait. Our sealing was scheduled for 9AM, so we had to be there at 8AM. We went together to the temple with our parents.

At 9:00, it was time for us to join our family and friends in the sealing room. We walked in and saw all of our loved ones smiling at us. As soon as I saw his sisters crying already, I started to cry too! I knew I was going to, I just didn’t think I could be crying so soon. I literally had to tell myself to suck it up and stop, otherwise I would look like a mess throughout the whole thing. We sat down and I just looked around at the people there and I could tell they were so happy for us. I felt so much love in that room and I knew that all of our hard work and patience paid off, it was so worth it.

During our sealing, Owen and I cried together. It was such an emotional, over whelming feeling of joy and happiness. It was a perfect sealing. I will always remember the feelings of this special day. I love the feeling and surety of finally being sealed to Owen. I feel like we are complete.

We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating with our families. We took a big group picture outside of the temple then headed over to my parent’s house for a luncheon. I had worked hard all week to prepare for the luncheon, so I was anxious to get the food and d├ęcor set up. We had mostly everyone from the sealing come over, including all of our little nieces and nephews. It was so great to celebrate all in one place. We made homemade Costa Vida food (salads, tacos, quesadillas) with lots of mini desserts. We even saddled up our horse so I could take all of the kids for a horse ride.

I love my nieces and nephews to death! Look how cute they are. They were so excited to be riding a 'big horse'.

We had such a fun day and even ended the weekend in Scottsdale to have “second honeymoon”. This whole weekend was perfect. We are so blessed to have The Church, our families and friends, and of course, each other.