Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Showers

Today is another rainy, gloomy day {week} in the Bay Area.

It does, however, make everything look fresh and green. And the rain outside smells lovely too.

It gives me an excuse to bundle up in my BYU sweats and hoodie for the day. They are oh. so. comfy. and I even sport them while walking the pup.

Jax doesn't mind the cold, wet outdoors either.

These past few nights we did have a few friends come through town and stay with us. First was Trevor, Heidi and McCoy Wood then the next night Brock and Liz Mason. YAY VISITORS! Even though they were short stays, it was nice to have friends over.

And on a side note, I found my new love in The City. After we ate in Little Italy with the Masons we headed over to Ghirardelli's Square at the wharf. The hot fudge sundae was to.die.for. It's was honestly the most amazing, delicious chocolate I have ever had. Now I can't wait to go back again and get my own rather than share with Owen. Yum.

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