Monday, October 25, 2010

October Fun

This past week was a busy one for us (or me...since Owen was gone for work during a lot of it). Owen's parents were in town for a whole week so had fun activities planned for almost every night.

It all started with Owen's Great-Grandma Watkins' 100th Birthday Party! Can you believe she is 100!? She looked great and we had fun seeing all sorts of family at the party.
This is when Owen disappears from pictures since he is out of town.:sad:.

There were a few birthdays to celebrate this week. This is Kennedy's 1st Birthday Party that Nate and Steph had. LOVED the giant cute!

Ashley and Zach get married next month so she had bridal shower #1

Ashlyn turned 8 and got baptized! I haven't been to a baptism in forever so it was nice to go to one again. Ashlyn was beautiful...and so was the program.

Owen's BFF, Rob Wick, and Courtney got married on Friday. Owen was able to fly in and make it to the end of the reception. We are happy to have more married friends to add to the group!

Owen and I went to Hillary and Courtney's FAB Halloween Party. They had the cutest decorations and festive games. Could you expect anything less from them? I love Halloween time!
Can you tell what our costumes are?
Hint: Toystory

The Party Hostess'

Ashley Wick's Bridal Shower #2/Bachelorette Party

We ended the weekend with some more Halloween Fun. We had some friends over for a fire, treats and pumpkin carving.

The boys playing Smash Bros

Some of the girls

Our finished pumpkins!

Next up for this weekend: Haunted House, Jimmy Eat World concert, Trunk-Or-Treat and HALLOWEEN!! I can't wait for the hubby to get back on Friday to start another busy weekend. I love this time of the year!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend in the Woods

This past weekend we headed up to the mountains for a quick camping trip with some friends. I LOVE camping and it was our first camping trip ever together so it was an exciting mini-trip. We even brought our dogs along for the adventure.

My mountain man

The puppies enjoying our camping adventure. They did pretty good at staying near our campground...only disappearing for a long time once. Poor Owen was worried sick that they were gone forever.

Making our mini cooking fire

Nothing is better than a BIG, warm campfire

Eating our dinner (tin foil dinners)

Puppies staying warm around the fire

The stars are amazing in the woods!

Some of the group the next morning:

We will have to continue our camping adventures next summer since fall/winter is here and it's a bit cold to camp. We were glad to at least fit in one quick trip.