Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh Baby...x 2

The week before we moved to Arizona we got a huge surprise...we found out we were preggers with baby #1! We had been trying for a few months so when I went to pee on a stick that Wednesday night, I could not believe it when the word 'Pregnant' showed up on the test! I was honestly not expecting it at all. I didn't have any 'symptoms' that some girls have before they find out. It was a Wednesday night and Owen and I were both hanging out at home. I decided to just pee on a test to give me peace of mind so I wasn't thinking 'what if' for the next few days. So when I saw the test result, I went straight to Owen and showed him. We both couldn't believe it! We went to Target to pick up more tests...and all 5 were strong positives. It finally hit us that it was real and we were so excited! We went out that night to celebrate and talked baby the entire time. We calculated my due date would be Sept. 24th.

We decided to wait a week to tell our families so we could tell some of them in person once we got to Arizona. It was the hardest secret to keep! At this point I was only about 5 1/2 weeks so I was skeptical about telling people so soon. But Owen couldn't wait so we decided to just tell our family/close friends. We got to Arizona and called Owen's family to tell them all. They were all excited for our baby #1, (grandbaby #16 for their family). We told my family in person since everyone was at my parent's house one night. I wanted to do something cute to tell them since it is grandbaby #1 for my family. So I got a bunch of baby ballons and taped the pictures of the pregnancy tests on the string then I put them in a big box. During dinner that night, I had a neighbor put the box on my parent's doorstep and ring the door bell. My mom went to the door and saw the box and brought it in. When she opened the box, she was a bit confused at first with the ballons. She finally saw the picture and figured it out. My family was SO excited! Of course my mom cried, she's been waiting for a grandbaby for a long time! It was fun to celebrate the good news!

During weeks 4-8, I felt okay. Luickly, I wasn't ever deathly sick. I was uncomfortable, but I was still able to get through the day okay.
These weeks brought:

*Constant hunger. I felt like I ate ALL of the time. I would wake up in the middle of the night having to eat. If I didn't get food, I would get so naseous and sick feeling.

*I was peeing all of the time.
*I didn't sleep well at night. Between insomnia, hunger and peeing, I was up all night long.

*I got tired really quick. I would have to take little cat naps to feel better.

*I ates lots of saltines, extra cheesy mac&cheese, ramen noodles and pickles.

*I was bloated all of the time. I was so worried I was getting huge already.

At 9 weeks, I finally had my first doctor appointment scheduled with Dr. Beck. I could not wait for this day! I just wanted to see the baby to make sure everything was normal and ok. I google everything so I knew what to expect at the ultrasound, but I also knew what could go wrong. I was anxious to make sure my baby was healthy and ask my Dr. a million questions.

Owen and I got to the appointment and got called back for the ultrasound. I layed on the table to start the ultrasound and this is how the conversion went:

Dr. B: Well...you really ARE pregnant.

Me: Oh that's good!

Dr. B: (Holds up two fingers)

Me: Huh?

Dr. B: Twins.

Me: No way! You are lying!

Dr. B: Nope...I don't lie about these things.

Me: Holy crap! You are kidding me! (repeated over and over)

Owen and I were in complete shock! It was the last thing we were expecting. But up on the screen showed two little jelly beans and we heard two different heart beats. We were having 2 babies! We could not stop smiling at eachother. Every question I had for Dr. Beck went out the door and all that I could think about was that we were having two babies. We have always talked about how fun it would be to have twins, we just never thought it would happen to us.
We left the Dr. appointment so giddy. We told both of our families (and the rest of the fbook world) right away. Everyone was shocked!

Babies at 9 Weeks

Weeks 9 -12:
*I felt naseous most of the day. I never (and still haven't) actually thrown-up, but the constant naseua was getting old.
*If I wasn't in bed by 8PM, I would be so sick. My body just couldn't manage at night, so I got lots of sleep.
*I started to get picky about the foods I ate. I went from eating very little, to wanting only soups/salad, to slowly getting an appetite again.
*Still have restless nights.
*Lived off of Bahama Bucks Oasis Smoothies. It's how I would get my daily fruit intake.
*Had to switch to gummy pre-natal vitamins. I could not handle swallowing a huge horse pill.

Even more exciting, I found out when I was 10 weeks preggo that my very best friend in the world (we have been best friends since we were 2), Emily, was pregnant with twins too. What are the chances!? She is exactly one month behind me. It is great to have someone to talk about my twin pregnancy with who is going through the same thing. And I cannot wait for our twin babies to be best friends like we were! I'm so glad to be back in Arizona with her so we can be huge and pregnant with twins together.

11 week baby bump

We had another ultrasound at 13 weeks. We got to see the babies again and ask the doctor more twin questions. I couldn't believe how much bigger the babies were. We got to see each baby and hear the heart beats. I loved seeing them move around and kick their little feet all over the place. It looked like they were constantly hitting or kicking eachother, which made us laugh. They were fighting for room already :) The doctor said the babies are in different sacs, but they might share the same placenta. If that is the case, they will be identical twins. We should be able to find out more information (along with the sex) at our 17 week appointment. I think they are girls, and Owen thinks they are both boys. So we will find out shortly!

Babies at 13 weeks

Weeks 13 - 14:
*I officially hit my second tri-mester. I always heard you feel great during the 2nd tri, but I wouldn't consider myself 'great'.
*I'm still pretty naseous during the day. I'm able go to work everyday and get things done, but the constant feeling is still there (still haven't thrown up...yay)
*I have gained 3 pounds. I'm hoping I gain slowly...not quite sure where the babies are going to fit.
*Started to get headaches. Some days were so bad I couldn't even function.
*I can stay up until about 11PM and feel okay.
*I'm restless when I sleep, still can't get comfortable and I get up atleast twice a night to pee.
*I cannot prepare food for the life of me. Dinners mean mooching off my parents or grabbing something on the go.
*I think I can feel the babies move in the mornings. It's more of a little flutter, but I'm pretty sure it's them kicking around.
*I'm starting to get back aches ALREADY. I think it's from sleeping bad, but I hope it doesn't get worse.

14 week baby bump

Owen has been great during this whole process. I'm so glad I have a husband who makes me feel like I'm not doing this alone. He is always making sure I'm fed, comfortable, happy and feeling good. He constantly wants to see my belly and talk to our babies. He is always rubbing my feet and back at night to put me to sleep. I'm so lucky to have him with me during this process and I know he is going to be the best daddy. I think he is more excited for babies than I am.

We are finally getting around to making a list of baby items we need to get. We have had to do tons of reasearch to find out the best cribs, strollers, car seats, diaper bags, etc. for twins. Two babies change everything! I can't wait to start decorating their nursery and getting things for them. In 3 weeks we find out if they are boys/girls or both and I cannot wait. We are so blessed to have these two babies join our family and we cannot wait to finally have a little family!

California to Arizona

Back in January, we made the big move from San Fran back to Arizona. Owen's work finally transferred him back to Arizona and I couldn't have been happier! This move was long waiting. I missed my family, friends and everything about Arizona. California was a great experience and we made lots of fun memories, but I am an Arizona girl at heart.

So before we headed to Arizona, we spent our last few weeks in San Fran going to places we had never been before. We had to cross off a few more touristy things to see before we left:

We spent a day in Pacifica at the beach...

...and tried the local BBQ (featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives).

We took a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. BEAUTIFUL!

We watched the big waves at Mavericks and Half Moon Bay. We were hoping we would be around for the big wave surfing competition, but it never happened.

We finally went and saw Alcatraz. Everyone who goes to San Fran does this, so we had to see it at least once too. It was a fun little day activity and very interesting. I would recommend it to anyone who goes and visits.

After packing up the apartment in a few days, we loaded the U-haul and left for good!

We found a great little house to rent in Gilbert, AZ. It is amazing to pay less in rent than we were in San Fran for an actual house. Our neighborhood is full of parks, pools and great shopping areas. We love it!

Right when we got to Arizona, we got to spend a few precious days with Owen's Grandpa Stephenson before he passed away. I am so grateful we were able to visit him for the last time. He was a great man and we were lucky to have him.

We headed back to San Fran for a few days to spend Valentines day. Owen was working out there this week so I tagged along. We spent V-Day getting massages and eating dinner in Napa. Even though we lived up here, we had never been to Napa so I'm glad we spent time there to see the area. The vineyards are gorgeous!

We spent another weekend back in Southern California. Again, Owen had to go for work so I came along too. We spent the weekend in San Diego eating and going to the beach. And Owen surfed.

We are pretty much settled into our new house in Arizona. I feel so blessed to be where we are in our lives. It is exactly where we want to be and are still so happy together. I love being back in Arizona to see friends on weekends, have family dinners, work back at the office, enjoy the great AZ spring weather and have a husband who doesn't travel as much. I love the quiet nights at home with my husband and pup but also the fun nights with our long time friends and family. I've missed it so much!

Dog park adventures

Hunger games premiere

California...it was fun. But it's good to be home!