Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanksgiving in Texas

We arrived back home to the Bay Area in the middle of November, just in time to see the leaves change. This is why Northern California is so pretty! They have mini-seasons where the leaves change with the season. The fall colors lined our street and neighborhood. We were home for a whole week to enjoy my fall/Thanksgiving decorations, then we were off to Texas to spend the rest of the month with Owen's family.

We stayed with Owen's parents. Lydia and Cherry live there too, so we got to be with lots of family and our cute nieces and nephews. Being with the Allens = lots and lots of activities going on ALL of the time! These people don't ever stop! So we had plenty of fun for the week and half we were there.

Fort Worth Zoo with the Liddles

We did lots of baking/food prep the day before Turkey Day

Helping Grandma make pies

The little chefs taking a break

Family Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving Day consisted of family and yummy food.
I truely am thankful for the 2nd family I have. It's such a blessing to have great in-laws and sister in-laws. They have always made me feel like I am a part of the family and we love every single one of them!

Settlers and Card Games all week

Owen putting up Christmas lights

We saw lots of movies. Loved Arthur Christmas! Great holiday movie.

Big Project: I scanned all of Owen's mission emails, pictures and anything else mission related. Owen's mom was awesome and kept EVERYTHING related to his mish. So my next project is working on a giant mission book for Owen.

Went to the Dallas Temple

Made Christmas trees with the kiddos

I got home and put up our little Christmas tree that night! I love one holiday after another. We've been so lucky to spend them with our great family and friends!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Life : September/October

The last 3 months consisted of lots and lots of traveling for us! We've been home for 3 weeks out of the 3 months. Luckily, our time away was spent with family and friends. Here has been our crazy lives documented in, of course, iphone pictures.

SEPTEMBER - Surf Trips

At the end of September, we drove down to Southern Cali. and stayed with the Cliffords. Owen wanted to get a few more good surf seshs in before the even more freezing cold water hit. Owen loved having a surf partner and we loved being with good friends all weekend long!

We stopped in Hollywood on the way back home to see what it's all about. We fit as many touristy things you could within a few hours. My conclusion about Hollywood Land = not so glamorous as it looks on TV :)

Owen's friend Alex came to San Fran for a few days. Owen always wanted to surf under the Golden Gate Bridge and decided he was finally going to do it.

Owen surfing under the GG Bridge.
I was having a heart attack! There were some scary rocks and he was out there all by himself. But he did it and we have some awesome videos. He was happy to check that one off his list.

OCTOBER - Halloween in Arizona

Owen worked in Mesa for two weeks in October, then traveled the other two weeks, which meant I got to spend the entire month in AZ! Thank goodness my work/office is in Arizona too, even more of a reason for me to be there. I was so happy to be able to spend my favorite holiday month at home.

I got addicted to Last Chance, thanks to the Queen of Last Chance, Emily! Standing in line before the store opens is totally worth it.

Celebrated Ashlyn's 9th Birthday

We went to the 13th Floor Haunted House with the Yeagers. Not the greatest haunted house ever, but still entertaining.

Made yummy carmel apples with Erin

Had a spooky Halloween dinner with the Howeys

Wednesday nights were family dinner nights. Also meant craziness in the house with all of the "grandpups".

Carved Pumpkins. Not sure why Owen decided to go the Blues Clues route.

We had a couple of fun Halloween parties during the weekend. We went as Dora and Diego!

Yeates Halloween party

We took the Howey kids to the State Fair. I loved being there for their first fair experience!

Indian Fry bread at the fair

Owen and my brothers stood in line for this lovely game. Who knew he was such a video game nerd? I sure didn't.

And we kicked off November with fall weather, food and fires.

Pictures of our Thanksgiving in Texas coming soon...