Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fire Walk

What is a Fire Walk you ask? Well let me tell's when you walk on fire...literally. This little adventure all started when Owen's team from work had an idea to go fire walking if they met their team goals. So Friday night we left our house thinking we were going to some big team-building, motivational speaker kind of event, where at the end the people walk on fire to prove how motivational they were. As we were following our map to the destination, we realize we are heading to the middle of no where, but somewhere in the Utah mountains. At first I thought it was a joke...that or we were going to end up being killed off by some crazy people in the mountains. I was super nervous.

But finally we arrived at a camp ground with nothing but a bunch of hippies and the remainder of Owen's work group. This guy who looked homeless started directing the group and explaining the fire walking process. This is when I realize WE were supposed to walk across fire...and HE was the one leading us to do it. NO WAY was the first thing I though of...there was NO WAY this homeless, cigarette smoking guy was going to convince me to walk across burning coals. All the other hippies there were super into it I don't think they appreciated our sacrasim about the whole situation. The homeless leader attempted to give some motivational words (nothing he said made sense to me) and then had us chant crazy stuff while breaking things with our necks.

Finally, 4 hours later (that's how long it took for the fire to burn down so that's how long we were stuck out in the middle of no where with the creepy hippies) it was time to walk on fire. I was still not convinced I would walk away 'ok' and 'one with the earth', so I stayed back and took the pictures (I know...I'm such a wuss). So again, the chants started and they all walked in a big circle around the fire. That's when people started walking (or running) across. Owen did it a few times and thought it was awesome (he only had a little burn on the bottom of his foot where the hot coal stuck to him after wards). So at least it turned out to be an entertaining Friday night. And now Owen likes to tell people he walked on fire.

At the fire walk camp ground

Lighting the fire...

This is when I started to get realllly skeptical...this fire was way to big

Breaking arrows with your neck? Weird...i know

Owen being super proud of his arrow neck-breaking ability

Getting the coals ready to walk on...

...Fire Walking

Owen doing the fire walk.
Look how focused he is...hehe

Owen's Fire Walking Video:

Sunday, May 16, 2010


You know it's FINALLY summertime here in Utah when the flowers look like this:

...and you paint your toes summer colors like this:

...and you lay out in your front yard with summertime treats like these:

I don't think words can explain how happy I am that it's starting to feel like summer here. No more cold rain or snow or winter. Today's high was a whopping 78 degrees...and it felt good. I cannot wait for more warm days to come!

Also below are some highlights of the week:

We watched our friend Erin rock out with Chuck and Mark at Battle of the Bands
(Erin is in the back playing the spoons + back up vocals)

We went on a group date with some friends to Boondocks

This is when I passed Owen on the go-carts. I told him I was better than him but he just didn't believe me. My car smoked his

Laser tag


We played as couples and lost really bad...but we still love each other

Went on a quad ride with Emily and Joe

We have a loooong list of summer activities to accomplish this summer in hopefully more activities and pictures to come!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

BDay Shout Out

This post is dedicated to my best friend. She is someone who I have literally been best friends since we were 3 years old. We met in play school and have been great friends ever since. No matter what has happened throughout our lives (different schools, different boyfriends, different friends, different States), we have always stayed very close. She is someone who I can always count on to be there for me...whether it is a fun friend to play and laugh with, a girl friend to go lay out and have dance parties with, or a supportive friend to lean on during the toughest times. She has been for for me in so many ways that I do not know what I would have done in my life without her. I have looked up to her in so many ways. She is constantly thinking about others and loves to make her friends happy. She is extremely talented between her arts and crafts and her great sense of style :) She has such a sweet, strong testimony of the Church and its gospel will raise a great family someday with her faith. She is the best little house wife and I have always known that whoever gets to be her hubby is one lucky guy. Friends like her are one in a million and I am grateful I have one in my life. And this special lady gets this shout out because today is her 24th Birthday! Soo...

Happy Birthday Emily (Owens) Yeager!

I love you to death girl!

(I wish I had some older pics of us...we have some really good/embarrassing ones...but they are in AZ stuck to my scrapbooks)

Emily's Wedding

Concert buddies

Emily's 22nd BDay at Dave&Busters

Lake Powell

Dance Party

My Wedding

Monday, May 10, 2010


This year's basketball playoff season has been extra exciting if anyone has been watching. Not only has the Phoenix Suns been super fun to watch, but they have also done really well. This season has also been really fun because of all the Mesa/Suns fans that are here in Provo with us. We usually have the Mesa crew over at our house to watch the game.

Last night we had a variety of festivities to celebrate the game. Suns were up 3-0 over the Spurs and just needed ONE more win to sweep them, finally! (Most of us Mesa people HATE the Spurs, especially Ginobili) So behold...the festivities:

Watching the game in the very crowded living room

BBQ...and Ginobili pinata...maxi pad and all

Mmm...lots of food

Mesa girls!

A little bit of badmitton

A little bit of speed

The Mesa Crew

Time for the destroying of Ginobili

Yeaaa Megan

This is what comes out of Ginobili...candy!

More basketball

And we win! Swept 4-0

Monday, May 3, 2010

Big People Decisions

So this last week Owen and I had to make a grown-up, graduated from college, ready-for-the-next-step, big person decision. It was whether or not THIS GUY...

...should take a job or not. YES we were excited that Owen got a sweet job offer right when he graduated college BUT our dreams of working at our current jobs and playing all summer in Utah were squashed. We were torn with what was going to be best for our little family and with coming to a realization that we could not be together all day, every day and After lots and lots of discussing and some praying, Owen took the job. It is with a company based out of Southern California. This company has certain relationships with car dearlerships all over the U.S. and Owen would be one of the people making sure everything is a-okay with these dealerships. The only bad part about this job is the traveling part. YUCK! Owen and I hate to be separated for any reason, so Owen traveling a lot will have to be something we get used to. Basically, he is going to be traveling for the first 4 months, only home on the weekends (blah!!) so we will move down to AZ (yay!) so I won't be lonley and so I can start up some school again. THEN, after the 4 months he will be re-assigned to a certain region in the U.S. (Florida or Cali would be nice) where he would travel only 8 days out of the month. He would be at home working for the rest of it. So that's that. I am extremly proud and grateful for Owen taking this next step. I know he is going to be awesome at whatever he does. Oh...I am also very grateful for computer cameras and Skype.