Monday, May 10, 2010


This year's basketball playoff season has been extra exciting if anyone has been watching. Not only has the Phoenix Suns been super fun to watch, but they have also done really well. This season has also been really fun because of all the Mesa/Suns fans that are here in Provo with us. We usually have the Mesa crew over at our house to watch the game.

Last night we had a variety of festivities to celebrate the game. Suns were up 3-0 over the Spurs and just needed ONE more win to sweep them, finally! (Most of us Mesa people HATE the Spurs, especially Ginobili) So behold...the festivities:

Watching the game in the very crowded living room

BBQ...and Ginobili pinata...maxi pad and all

Mmm...lots of food

Mesa girls!

A little bit of badmitton

A little bit of speed

The Mesa Crew

Time for the destroying of Ginobili

Yeaaa Megan

This is what comes out of Ginobili...candy!

More basketball

And we win! Swept 4-0

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