Monday, May 3, 2010

Big People Decisions

So this last week Owen and I had to make a grown-up, graduated from college, ready-for-the-next-step, big person decision. It was whether or not THIS GUY...

...should take a job or not. YES we were excited that Owen got a sweet job offer right when he graduated college BUT our dreams of working at our current jobs and playing all summer in Utah were squashed. We were torn with what was going to be best for our little family and with coming to a realization that we could not be together all day, every day and After lots and lots of discussing and some praying, Owen took the job. It is with a company based out of Southern California. This company has certain relationships with car dearlerships all over the U.S. and Owen would be one of the people making sure everything is a-okay with these dealerships. The only bad part about this job is the traveling part. YUCK! Owen and I hate to be separated for any reason, so Owen traveling a lot will have to be something we get used to. Basically, he is going to be traveling for the first 4 months, only home on the weekends (blah!!) so we will move down to AZ (yay!) so I won't be lonley and so I can start up some school again. THEN, after the 4 months he will be re-assigned to a certain region in the U.S. (Florida or Cali would be nice) where he would travel only 8 days out of the month. He would be at home working for the rest of it. So that's that. I am extremly proud and grateful for Owen taking this next step. I know he is going to be awesome at whatever he does. Oh...I am also very grateful for computer cameras and Skype.


  1. It's about time you move home!!! And don't worry, I will keep you company while Owen is out of town! You can spend the night with me when Levi goes out of town :)
    Ps this summer, lets buy a mini blow up pool for my backyard and lay out. We have no other options!! Haha unless there is a 3rd party who wants to lay out with us and who has a pool....

  2. Aw Alyssa! That's not a fun decision. But I'm so happy you'll be back in the 480. Lots of play dates okay!!
    notice it wasn't a question.