Sunday, May 16, 2010


You know it's FINALLY summertime here in Utah when the flowers look like this:

...and you paint your toes summer colors like this:

...and you lay out in your front yard with summertime treats like these:

I don't think words can explain how happy I am that it's starting to feel like summer here. No more cold rain or snow or winter. Today's high was a whopping 78 degrees...and it felt good. I cannot wait for more warm days to come!

Also below are some highlights of the week:

We watched our friend Erin rock out with Chuck and Mark at Battle of the Bands
(Erin is in the back playing the spoons + back up vocals)

We went on a group date with some friends to Boondocks

This is when I passed Owen on the go-carts. I told him I was better than him but he just didn't believe me. My car smoked his

Laser tag


We played as couples and lost really bad...but we still love each other

Went on a quad ride with Emily and Joe

We have a loooong list of summer activities to accomplish this summer in hopefully more activities and pictures to come!


  1. OMG i am so jealous. i so wish it was warm and sunny here! haha. glad it is finally summer in utah tho. i'm so sad we arent there to hang out and enjoy the beautiful weather! i hear rumors that it is supposed to get warmer and STAY warm here in denver but i just wont believe it til it happens lol. sounds like yall have some awesome stuff planned! hope yall have fun!!

  2. Mmmmm all of that sounds like heaven!!!! Will you please move home already so we can play like that!?