Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer 2012 Vacations

We were lucky enough to go on a few trips this summer while I was still able to travel. It's weird to think our next trip we will have babies in tow!


In the beginning of May, Owen's mom flew all of the girls out to Texas for a sisters week. Owen got to tag along too. We spent 5 days enjoying each other's company, eating yummy foods, learning new things and hanging out with the kiddos. It was so fun to have everyone there at once! I'm very lucky to have such great 5 sister-in-laws and an amazing mother-in-law. They treat me like one of the sisters which I love! I cannot wait for our next sister week or even next Allen family gathering. We miss everyone since we are all spread out!

Working on our sisters quilt
Run/walk through the park

The original Allen family


Since my little brothers got back from their missions in April, my family decided to do a family trip before our lives got even crazier with work, school and babies. They decided to take a week cruise down the Mexican Riviera in the middle of May. We had booked this cruise even before I found out I was pregnant, so luckily I barley made the cut off to be able to go on the cruise.

There was a total of 11 of us...the whole family and all of our spouses. We drove over to California and spent the evening with more family. My Uncle Vic hosted a delicious steak and lobster BBQ. It is always nice to spend time with my mom's side of the family, even though if it was a short visit.

Yummy food
The chefs
Aunt Janet, Me, LeAnn, Jessica, Mom, Angela

Sunday morning we boarded the cruise ship. We were on the Carnival Splendor. It was my first Carnival cruise and it was better than I anticipated. We even got a room upgrade somehow, which made the week even better!

Our ship

Babies' first cruise! 20 weeks.
 The first full day was spent at sea as we made our way down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I felt pretty good the whole week and was able to get around without feeling too tired or uncomfortable. The boat kept everyone busy during our sea days. I am so glad we went on this cruise with other people. It was nice for Owen to have my brothers to hang around with when I would go to bed early or take naps. They kept themselves very entertained!

Owen going down the water slide

Mini golf on the top deck

Laying out. The coldest days were at sea so sometimes we had to bundle up.


Dinners with the family

Watching movies in our room with our towel animals
Our first day in Cabo we found a beach where we were able to rent surfboards and hang out on the beach. Owen was in heaven! We spent the day under umbrellas and eating at the grill while watching everyone surf. Owen was a great teacher for the rest of the family.

Zippers, Cabo

Eating and relaxing on the beach

So happy to not have to wear a wet suit!

 We found a different beach to hang out at during our 2nd day in Cabo. This was my favorite day by far! We hung out under umbrellas, ate lots of yummy Mexican food and played in the warm water all day.

I could do this all day, every day.

Boys playing in the water

My Mexico baby bump

I love me some Mexican food

Boys on the banana boat
More boat fun:

Owen in the Ricky Martin karaoke contest. My family paid him $20 to do it so of course he did.

Formal night at dinner

Buffet food. We.Ate.So.Much.

Boys decided to grow out dirty mustaches. Gross.

Our last stop was in Puerta Vallerta, Mexico. Most of my family did the zip line through the jungle this day. But since I was pregnant, my activities were very limited. Owen and I went to a water park with my brother and his wife (they swam with dolphins). Owen had fun on the slides while I hung out in the lazy river. Unfortunately, we have zero pictures of our Puerta adventures.

Zip Lining

At the end of the week, we made it home safely feeling extra tan and fat. I guess that's the point of a cruise though. It was fun to be able to go on a family vacation with the whole group. Our summer vacations have come to an end, but I'm so ready to start the nesting period and get ready for our boys to get here!

Our Baby Boys

All the way back in April, we finally got to find out what genders our babies were at our 17 week appointment. Our doctor did the ultrasound and saw two little boys. Baby A was shy at first and Baby B had his little legs wide open so we could see. But both were confirmed boys. Owen's huge smile was the best! We both knew he was secretly hoping they were two boys. After coming from a family full of girls, he was hoping for at least one to carry on the Allen family name. He already has all sorts of big plans for his little boys.

Emily and I at our doctor appointments (same office, different doctors...and yes we planned our appointments for the same time...and no, we did not plan our outfits). I was 17 weeks and she was 13 weeks.
That night, we went over to my family's house to tell them what we were having. We had bought two little boy outfits and wrapped them both up. Each of my parents opened one to reveal two little boy outfits. The family was excited to have another round of twin boys in the family (my little brothers are twins).  

Baby boy's first outfits

We had to upgrade the car to fit two babies and a dog

Slowly starting to collect our baby stuff. Buying for 2 adds up quick!

I am now 25 weeks along and really starting to feel pregnant. Up until week 25, I've actually had a lot of energy and have been feeling pretty normal, besides my tummy getting huge.
Now at week 25:
*My stomach constantly feels like it is stretching (still no stretch marks though). Sometimes is painful, but it's mostly uncomfortable. Doctor said I've already started getting Braxton Hicks contractions. But the babies are in a good spot and I'm holding them well so far.
*If it gets really hot and I'm up and around, my feet and hands start to swell. This Arizona summer is going to be the death of me.
*I crave sweets and baked stuff all of the time (not normal for me). It's making me nervous for my glucose test in 3 weeks.
*Baby boys kick and move like crazy! Baby B moves more than Baby A. I can feel them kick and turn in my stomach. Sweets and caffeine make them move more. The best part is having Owen's hand on my stomach feeling them move all around. It's unreal sometimes!
*I have gained 20 pounds! And only 3 pounds are babies. Yikes.
*Baby A is measuring in at 1 lb. 9 oz. and Baby B is measuring in at 1 lb. 12 oz. I'm hoping their weights stay pretty close through the rest of my pregnancy.
*I still work full time, but sometimes I just work from home which is a nice break.
*Bending over to pick things up, cleaning, putting on shoes, shaving my legs is already getting SO difficult. My stomach is so big that it's either painful or impossible.
*Sleeping is already sucking. Laying on my back squishes my insides and laying on my sides hurt my stomach. I've resorted to sitting up right in bed with lots of pillows. It's going to be a long 3 more months.
*My belly grows straight out and is getting huge. I can literally feel when my stomach is stretching. And my belly button has already popped completely out. It's so weird. I am hoping it goes back down after the babies are born, because it's not cute.

I feel like I've been really lucky so far with no complications. We hope and pray these babies stay healthy and I can carry them as long as possible. I always tell people I have nothing to compare this pregnancy with since these are my first. I'm just hoping that one baby after these will be a breeze! We are finally starting to get the nursery finished and get things together for these babies to come. I cannot believe they will be here in 3 months or less! Time is starting to get by fast now that we are getting towards the end. But with all the craziness and aches and pains, Owen and I cannot wait to meet baby K and K!

Where you will find me every Saturday.
P.S. Congrats to Emily and Levi on their baby boy AND girl! So glad I have her during our twin journey. Our twin babies are going to be best friends...I just know it!