Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Texas Trip

This past week Owen and I got to go to Texas and visit his parents. It had been almost 2 whole years since we had been there, so a Texas trip was long over-due. Luckily, Owen was working there that week so I tagged along too (one of the perks of working from home...I'm able to bring my work with me). We stayed with his parents and were there for over a week! I fell in LOVE with Texas. The warm weather, the gorgeous houses, the wide open spaces: I did not want to leave! I officially want to live there. Even though we were both busy with work, we managed to have lots of family and play time.

Owen's sister, Lydia, surprised us and came down to Texas for part of the week. What a great surprise! I missed her girls so much and I loved seeing them. They are 3 of the cutest things ever. I couldn't get enough!

We spent lots of time with Cherry's kids also (Owen's other sister). We don't get to see them too often since they live in Texas. We had lots of fun hanging out at the pool all week with these fun kids.

Father's Day ladder-ball game

Texas Sunset

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  1. alyss, You're so pretty! I Love this! I love tx! Glad you had fun <3