Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quick AZ Trip

This last week I was able to make a last minute trip down to Arizona! I dropped Owen off at the airport Monday night for him to go to work and I thought:

I really, really don't want to be here alone all week again. If only there was a way I could go to Arizona...

So I woke up Tuesday morning, packed the pup in the car, and headed down to AZ. I figured the 11 hour drive by myself was a lot better than staying in California for 4 days by myself.

And I was right...totally worth it! I loved being home, I loved going to work at the office and having people there with me, I loved playing games with family at dinner time, I loved visiting friends, I loved eating at my favorite places. I LOVE ARIZONA!

It sometimes gets lonley in California only because I am home ALL of the time for work, and Owen is out of town half of the time. It's been the biggest adjustment for me to be alone a lot of the time...I'm not a fan! So a trip to see friends and family is just what I needed. I would probably go every month if the husband would let me :)

Can you spy the pup? He was a great little travel companion.

Visiting the Howeys! I miss living close to these guys...

...and I love this little girl!

Owen flew into Arizona on Friday night to spend the weekend in Arizona with me. It was so nice to have him there the rest of the time. It would not have been the same without him!

The thing Owen wanted to do the most was an AZ lake trip. So we headed to Roosevelt Lake on Saturday for an all day lake trip with my cousin and his cute family.

Lance, Stephanie and their adorable kids!

Little bro. Sterling

That's the hubby...he was so good

That's me. I'm still SO ridiculousy sore from that day.

The only bad parts about the trip:
*We got a flat tire in AZ and ended up getting all new 4 tires ( expensive).
*I missed the Haboob dust storm! It rolled through the day we left...I was so bummed.
*We left our pup in Arizona! My parents were kind of enough to take Jax in temporarily. We have a few other trips coming up so now we don't have to worry about finding a place for him when we leave. We do miss him though.
*I only ate at 6 out of the 8 places on my food list. Tia Rosas and Neds...I'll come next time.

My ENTIRE family is coming out to California to stay with us next week, so I'm counting down until the AZ people come to us. I.Can't.Wait!

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  1. I'm the same way... If I had the money I'd be flying home every weekend. We must come from a pretty awesome family if we both feel this way! So jealous you went to the lake with Lance and Steph! Wish we were there:)