Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Love Story : Part I

I wanted to document the start of Owen and I...the start of us. This is for blog book purposes...like always. Plus, I don't think people really know our story. So I figure every week I will document a portion of our life together starting from the very beginning.

So lets start in 2007, shall we? It was in 2007 that our story really began.

We originally met through mutual friends in December, 2007. I went to a friend's birthday party and he was there. I had always known who he was, or I guess you can say I always knew his name. Only because he went to Mountain View HS for a semester when I was a sophomore. But the last thing I heard about him was he moved far away to England, and I never heard about him again. So in 2007 I was introduced to him, but I was married at the time so I couldn't think anything of it. He said that when he saw me at first it was love at first sight: I was short, blonde and from Arizona (haha nice). BUT, I wasn't available so he didn't think anything of it either after that.

Fast forward 5 months: I was no longer in a relationship and we came across each other again. Once again, through our mutual friends in Utah. We ended up going to the Saosin concert in Salt Lake City with our friends. Because I was recently single, I wasn't looking for anything serious. I just wanted to have fun with my friends. It was, however, fun being there with Owen too. I liked how we liked the same music. I liked how funny he was. I liked how nice he was to all of the girls. BUT, I lived in Arizona and he lived in Utah. And I wasn't looking for anything serious.

Saosin Concert.:.SLC

After that, I went to Utah a few more times to see my friends who were going to BYU. It was a nice, quick get-away from Arizona. Everytime I went, I always ended up running into Owen. It was then that we started to become real friends. He was easy to talk to and easy to get along with. He was caring, understanding and always made my laugh. I would get excited when he called or texted me. I loved being around him and I loved how he made me feel. BUT, I lived in Arizona and he was going to Texas for the summer, so we continued to stay long distance friends.

The summer of 2008 was a good one. It had been 3 years since I was single, so it was a big adjustment to get the hang of single life again. I was so afraid that I would be the only divorced person out there. I quickly learned I wasn't alone and made great friends. And luckly, I had my best friend Emily as my side kick. I don't know what I wouldv'e done without her! I loved that I was able to meet and hang out with new people, and not have to date. It was exactly what I needed. We went to concerts, spent days and nights at the lake, went to dance parties, went to pool parties, went to Lake Powell and played all night long. I literally spent that summer working hard, but playing harder.

Owen started the summer in Virginia with APX selling alarms, but then moved to Texas shortly after to work with his dad. He lived at his parents house in Texas and also made new friends for the summer. We texted and talked on the phone a lot, but we spent the summer having our seperate lives in seperate states. Still, everytime he would call, I would get butterflies. There was something about him that I couldn't not let go of.

Me and Emily.:.Dance Party

Summer Concerts

Emily's Birthday Party
Lake Powell

Owen came to Arizona a total of 3 times that summer. Each time I would always end up seeing him. It was never as much as we wanted. He would go back to Texas, and we would continue to talk and text.

Warped Tour in Arizona

Erin's Birthday Party

Summer Lake Days

Summer Friends

The summer was starting to come to and end. I was going to start school full time in Arizona. Owen was going down to Uraguay for a month and a half for an internship. During that month and a half, we talked on Skype every.single.day. It KILLED us to not be able to text or talk whenever we wanted, like we had all summer long. Now, we talked every chance we had. I would be going to bed at 2AM and I would call him. He would wake up at 7AM and call me. I think it was during this period that we realized our real feelings for each other. Owen talked about coming to Arizona to stay for a few months after his internship. He didn't have to be back to Provo for school unitl the Winter semester. I told him to do it.

It was October 16th that he finished his internship. He flew home to Texas for a day to pack some things up, then came straight to Arizona. He came straight to me. I picked him at the airport and we had our first kiss. It was everything we thought it would be. The next day, he came with my family up to the cabin to celebrate my dad's 60th Birthday. I was SO nervous bringing a new guy around the family, especially since I hadn't dated anyone all summer. But my family loved him right away and he loved them. It was a great fit.

Since that day, we were inseparable. We spent all day, every day together. We spent that fall falling in love. It was quick, and we fell hard. I couldn't believe I had such strong feelings for some one so fast, but with Owen, it came easy. I loved how he was my best friend before anything else. I loved the way he made my feel. It was something completely new and I couldn't get enough. We spent equal amounts of time with our friends, with our families and with just each other. That fall in Arizona was perfect for us.

Halloween Party
Saosin Concert

Hanging out with Friends

I met his entire family for the first time during Thanksgiving. We drove out to Texas and spent the week there.

Thanksgiving in Texas

Thanksgiving in Texas

Thanksgiving in Texas

The holidays came and went so quick. We spent them going back and forth between our families.

Temple Lights

It was December and the time was coming for Owen to move back up to Provo to finish up at BYU. I had told him that I would go up with him, but honestly I was so scared. I had never lived anywhere besides Mesa, I had just started a new job, and I wasn't sure how my parents would react when I told them I was moving to follow Owen up to Utah. That fall was so perfect but had gone by so quick, and now I had a big decision to make. Either stay in Arizona and try to do a long distance relationship, or do something crazy, that I had never done before, and move my entire life for a guy.

To be continued...

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  1. this is so great. i love it. you guys are the best. And I seriously miss you all the time. and I feel so honored to be in some of these photos haha