Sunday, January 30, 2011

Date Night

Last night for our date night we did something we've never ever done before. We headed over to the local Barnes & Noble for some book browsing. We picked out a few that looked interesting and sat at a table sipping our Carmel Apple Cider and Vanilla Frappuccino. I loved this! I never realized how awesome Barnes & Noble is. We could have stayed for hours just browsing and chatting and laughing. We decided this was a fun, cheap date to throw in there with the usual dinner and movie date nights.

While we were there I found The 5 Love Languages book. Have you read this? It's awesome. I've read it before and thought I knew exactly what love language Owen was (I thought for sure we had the same top 2). We skimmed to the end to take the quiz. After taking the lovely little quiz in the back I found out I was wrong! After almost 3 years together I was wrong...I couldn't believe it. I felt like a bad wife.

Alyssa's Top 2: Quality Time & Physcial Touch
Owen's Top 2: Physical Touch & Words of Affirmation

I've always been an 'Actions speak louder than words' kind of person. Owen is an '
Actions don’t always speak louder than words' kind of person. And it took that little quiz for me to really realize this. It makes perfect sense though. I love my hubby and I love learning new things about him and us everyday.

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  1. :) fun! That sounds so nice and it's something Z & I can afford.....

    hardly able to afford. I miss you Alyssa.... Can't wait to see you at Erin's wedding.