Thursday, February 3, 2011

Home Alone Adventures

**Written 1/27/11**

Owen has been gone for 3 whole days now...sighhh. I knew this week was coming up, I just tried to not think about it too much since it is quite depressing. This is the first week Owen has left to travel for work while I'm home alone in California. I.HATE. Weeks like these are going to the worst part of living in this lovely place. First, I hate being home along since I'm afraid of um...everything! I may or may not have to sleep with the closet light on when he's gone. Second, I don't know a single person out here (besides our ward fam...but we're so new they don't really count yet). But no family, no amigos: no one! And it doesn't help that this week he's in Utah for work staying with his sister and seeing the kidos. I'm super jealous. But today is Thursday and I finally decided to venture out by myself. I headed over to the local mall to window shop. It was nice to get out of the apartment and away from work to just be around people. The best part though? This yummy treat:

CPK's Pesto Chicken Pizza and a Dr. Pepper. Delish. Every since we moved here I have cut my food spending habit. Meaning we never go out to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner (date nights being an exception). And I actually budget myself when I grocery shop. Hallelujah! I finally figured out where a ton of our money was going: food. The savings are already adding up. I. LOVE.
But today I splurged and got the mini-pizza for $9.30. It was definitly worth it because it temporarily cured my hubby-missing blues.

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