Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Officially Californians

This post is for the family and friends who wanted to see our new home in California. So WARNING: Lots of pictures.

The night before we left AZ we took a farewell grandpuppy picture. Since my parents don't have any grandkids yet, this picture will have to do.
Jessica with Izzy and Lily. Me with Jade and Jax. Dustin with Squirttle

We headed out bright and early Friday morning. We drove a Uhaul and towed our car on the back. My little bro. Sterling came with us to help with the move. Thanks Ster!!

The drive went really smooth with no problems at all. It took us 15 hours to get there, not to bad since our max speed limit was 70.

Hehe. This how we brought our dogs: Stuck them in the backseat of our car (that was being towed) and loaded them up with rawhides to chew on. I think they were a bit confused about there whereabouts most of the time.

Pulling into our apartment complex early Saturday morning. Finally we made it!

Ours is the one on the top floor. Poor boys had to carry our heavy stuff up 3 flights of stairs. I felt really bad for them.

The dog house/bed. This is where the dogs hang out most of the time. I know the camo house is hideous but they love it oh so much. So it's worth having the ugly thing in our home.

Where I spend most of my days...the office area (aka the corner of the living room). I am doing insurance account managing for my uncle and dad long distance now. And I have LOVED working from home. I'm pretty productive while working in my PJ's all day.

The other side of the living room and our amazing and super comfy couch. Also my view from my desk which is another perk of working from home. And yes I was watching Dog the Bounty Hunter. Don't judge.

**Everything is super plain and unorganized still. I haven't put up any of our pictures or decorations yet. I promise it will be homey and adorable some time soon**

Our kitchen. Hmmm. I love having my own kitchen space again. I've missed my tupperware and cooking utensils.

The only utility closet in the condo. Ugh! I have to cram everything in this tiny closet (besides our walk in bedroom closet that is equally stuffed). We do have our garage below us to store stuff, but it is lacking inside storage space.



Other side of Bedroom

View from our balcony. We love our view! We definitly got the best one in the complex.

So the next few pictures is what I spend the 2nd most amount of time doing during the day: Dog walks. I feel bad for them since they are crammed up inside all day, so we go on quite a few. I really don't mind though because the area we live in is so nice and has great places to walk around.

Hanging out at the grass park across the street from our apartment

The other side of the grass park...this gorgeous view! The golf course is right below, but the dogs like exploring on the hill side.

Walking down the many paths

Trip to the Dog Park. It's only a few miles down the road. It's been nice to take the dogs there to get some energy out of their system.

We have really enjoyed our first couple of days here in San Ramon. We are so happy we chose this beautiful area to live in and feel lucky to have the home we live in as well. We are excited to start a whole new chapter in our lives being on our own in California. We've visited our ward on Sunday and I love how we can move to an entire new region, but still feel the warmth and comfort of the church and it's members. We will miss our family and friends so please.....

We promise to take you to this fun place:
(Pier 39 in San Fran, with Alcatraz in the back)


  1. you guys are so cute!!! i want to come visit!!!

  2. Lyss I LOVE you new place! It's so cute and perfect! Buh I can't wait to come and visit! I miss you so much!!

  3. How fun. Glad you made it safely. You should visit us!