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Our Baby Boys : Welcome to the World!

When I went to my 36 week doctor appointment on a Monday morning, Dr. Beck said he thought I would for sure deliver by the weekend. It felt so good to hear that there was light at the end of the pregnancy tunnel. He said that I would probably going into labor with contractions. All week I waited and waited for those contractions.

Thursday night I went to bed worried about Owen's birthday the next day. I thought for sure I would have had the babies already and hadn't planned a thing for his birthday day. I went to bed that night stressing! I woke up at around 4:00 AM Friday morning to use the bathroom. Right before I crawled into bed, I could tell my water had broke. I kind of stood there making sure that what it was, and that I really didn't just pee my pants! Once I was sure, I went over to Owen and told him I thought my water broke and we should head to the hospital. He jumped right out of bed wide awake and ready to go.

We packed last minute things and I got ready the best I could (my water was still leaking which was SO uncomfortable and made for an awkward walk to the hospital check in counter) then headed to the hospital around 4:30 AM. I got into the hospital, checked in, and got taken to a prep room. I hadn't had any kind of contractions at this point, just my water slowly breaking. I figured it was going to be a long day so I tried to relax and get some rest. 

Watching the sunrise on the 31st from the prep room

Birthday boy Owen and me getting checked in

Waiting in the prep room. 36.5 weeks!

I was there for a few hours until about 8:00 AM when they took me to an actual delivery room. By then, we had told our family we were at the hospital, but no rush coming down because I was only dilated to a 4 and hadn't had any contractions. I sat and chatted with the nurse while Owen did work on his lap top. Around 9:30 AM is when I started to get really uncomfortable and I could feel the contractions to start coming. The worst part about this was how bad I was shaking. I wasn't scared or cold or anything, but my entire body just shook. And the painful contractions didn't help either. After about 4 painful contractions, I asked for the epidural. There was no way I was going to miss that boat, so I wanted it ASAP. This was what I was the most nervous for...even more than child birth. I purposely didn't take any child birth classes because I didn't even want to know what I was getting into until I was there. BUT, the epidural was not nearly as bad as I thought, thank goodness. I didn't feel a thing when he did it, and I felt great afterwards! My legs and lower half got so warm, I loved it. By then I was checked again and had dialed to a 7 already. Everyone was surprised at how quick I was dilating and monitored me closely. My parents and sister, Jessica, had been visiting with my in the room up until this point. It was a great feeling to see that I was having contractions on the monitors, but not feeling a thing. I loved that epidural, it made the whole experience so much more enjoyable.

Around 11:00 AM Dr. Beck came in and checked me and said I was at a 9. They started to get my room ready for the delivery. My family left the room and it was just Owen and I. Again, I started to get nervous because I had no idea what to expect delivering a baby. I think I was the most nervous about the health of my baby boys. They were technically 3 weeks early and that could have lead to health complications after birth. After reading about other mom's twin deliveries, I knew there was a good chance my babies would to have to be in the NICU for some amount of time. I had mentally prepared myself for the best and also the worse case scenarios.

Around 11:20 AM, Dr. Beck told me I was ready to push and I was shocked. I couldn't believe it was actually time. After about 3 contractions and pushes, Baby Boy A, Krew, came out head first. They laid him on my chest for a few seconds so I could see him, then told me I had to keep pushing. I was so over joyed with seeing that baby I almost forgot I had another one coming! After about 3 more contractions and pushes, Baby Boy B, Kash, came out feet first. Owen describes how Dr. Beck got him out and I don't even like to hear it. I think it scarred Owen for life. They laid Kash on my chest for a few seconds then took him to the table to be checked out.

Last picture of our family of two

Holding both of my tiny baby boys together for the first time

Kash and Krew loving the warm lamp

Baby stats

Family of 4

Proud daddy. He said it was the best birthday present ever.

Even though the babies were small, both were pretty much healthy. I felt so blessed to have these two perfect little boys that I could call mine. A few hours after birth, Kash ended up going to the nursery because of low blood sugar. He ended up staying in the nursery for the entire hospital stay (3 days). They mostly just monitored his feeding and blood sugar to make sure it was stable before they sent him home.

It broke my heart to have one baby in the room with me and one stuck in the nursery. I was allowed to go and visit Kash whenever I wanted and for feedings every 3 hours, but I hated not having both at my bed side. It broke my heart to know he was alone in his little crib.

We got lots of visitors!

This did give me time to bond with my little Krew baby. Owen and I learned everything we could with Krew at my bedside since we knew we were going to have another with us pretty soon. We learned how to feed, change, swaddle and hold our baby boys. I loved loved loved cuddling with my sweet new baby in my bed. He was awake every 3 hours to eat, and slept most of the time. When he was awake, he had the cutest little stare. He got all of the cuddle time with the visitors during the hospital stay.

my Krew baby

I tried to visit Kash as much I could. The nursery was just a short walk down the hall way so I would make special time for Kash. I always felt like he knew when I was around. He was the best little snuggler and loved to be held. After seeing the fragile condition of the other babies in the nursery, I was especially grateful that he was pretty much healthy. I counted by blessings every time I was in the nursery. We actually ended up getting great tips from the nursery nurses as well. Owen and I both learned so much about caring for a preemie during our nursery visits during those 3 days.

my Kash man

The day after they were born, we were able to bring Krew into the nursery to see Kash. We put them next to each other on a pillow and Kash immediately cuddled up next to Krew. We all couldn't help but cry! It was like Kash was thinking "where have you been!?" after having to spend most of his time alone in the nursery. It was so sweet but so sad that we couldn't keep them together.

Brothers meeting

Nursery time with our boys

Luckily my recovery was very smooth. I didn't tear (thanks to my tiny babies) and I was up and moving around pretty soon after delivery. I felt like my whole labor and delivery experience was quite enjoyable.

We had lots of visitors between our friends and family during our hospital stay. During the down time, we would cuddle with our babies and try to sleep as much as we could. We were pretty exhausted. I felt like between the 2 babies, we were always feeding! And since they were so small, feedings were tricky and time consuming. Luckily the babies were good eaters and maintained their weight well.

Grandma Massey loved finally having her first grandbabies

Grandma Allen flew from Texas right away to come meet them

Taking Krew home Sunday night

We were discharged from the hospital Sunday night. We were able to take Krew home, but Kash had to stay one more night in the nursery. Again, heart broken! I hated leaving one baby in the hospital. But having one baby at home the first night gave us a little taste of what life was going to be like for a while. Eat, cuddle, sleep, change diapers.

Monday morning we got ourselves ready and went back to the hospital to pick up baby Kash. He was discharged that morning and we headed home.

Going home as a family

Kash finally gets to go home

First car ride home. It was short since we live only 5 minutes from the hospital.

Baby boys hanging out at home their first day

Mommy cuddle time

Tired daddy

Silly baby faces

That first night we had them both home I was so emotional. Not sad, but just SO happy and grateful for my little family. During my prayer that night, I just balled and thanked my Heavenly Father for my two perfect and healthy babies. I felt so lucky and blessed that everyone was okay, healthy and we were home as a family. I love having these two boys. I cannot imagine one without the other. They fit so perfectly into our lives and I love being their mommy. Owen was naturally a great dad and took care of them so well. I feel blessed to have a sweet and supporting husband who it also going to make a great dad.

We love you Krew and Kash! Welcome to the world!

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