Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Baby Boys : Third Trimester

 The third trimester of my pregnancy started off okay. I went on a little 4th of July vacation with my family, we were able to move into a new house at the end of July and I helped with my baby shower. But as soon as I hit week 34, I was SO done. Not only was I huge and uncomfortable, I had a hard time doing anything. Even bending over to pick something off the ground was impossible. My stomach was That and the Arizona summer heat was killing me.

I can honestly say I did not mind being pregnant until I hit that 34 week mark. I think I cried every night wanting the babies to come (although at the same time I wanted them to cook longer). Owen was so good at making me comfortable and getting me anything I needed. The absolute worst part of the last weeks was the rash I got on my tummy (it's called PUPPS). There was nothing I could do to make it better...nothing! I itched all day and night, making it impossible to sleep or be comfortable. I even had it a few weeks after having the babies, which was still miserable.

The absolute best part of the third trimester was seeing my baby boys move so much. It was crazy how I could see a whole foot and hand come out of my skin. They both moved and kicked and rolled (felt like it anyways) during the day and especially at night. We loved laying in bed talking to our boys and watching my tummy move.

I'm just hoping that a single pregnancy will feel like a breeze after this one.

Baby boys growing strong at 27 weeks

My 28 week belly. I also had to drink the glucose test drink this week. I'll never been able to drink orange anything again. Yuck!

My family and I went up to Pinetop and stayed in a cabin for the 4th of July holiday. The cool mountain weather was a dream come true!

Doing some fishing in Greer, AZ

4th of July Fireworks

I had to document a picture of my huge ugly feet. This one particular night I was packing my house to move (by myself since Owen as out of town) and my feet got so swollen! It looked like my feet were wearing a fat suit. Towards the end of my pregnancy, they would get pretty swollen by the end of the day.

My mom and sisters hosted a fun little baby shower at week 31

Mine and Emily's twin baby bumps

Cute diaper cake my sister Jessica made me

The baby quilts my mom made for the boys. Love them!

We started preparing the baby nursery to get ready for the boys to come

I got my first 4-D Ultrasound of Baby Boy A (Krew). Baby Boy B (Kash) wasn't cooperating so we did not get a good shot. This picture of a baby face made everything so much more real! Although Owen thought it was creepy.

33 Week Belly

My friend, Emily's, mom helped us both make car seat covers for our twins. I loved how they turned out!

Pedicures were a must towards the end. I just wanted my feet rubbed 24/7. Owen got a little break taking me to get pedicures. Win/Win :)

Week 34: My wardrobe consisted of Owen's basketball shorts, Owen's t-shirts and tank tops for when I was extra hot.

Towards the end I had to sleep in a nest of pillows, sitting up right in order to get any sleep. Sleeping on my back, stomach or sides was impossible.

My last picture of my prego twin belly. This was week 35.

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