Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Krew & Kash : 1st Month

Kash + Krew

The first full day of having our boys home was my 27th Birthday. What a great birthday it was! We snuggled and held our babies all day long. They were so sweet, tiny and content. They would sleep and wake up every 3 hours to eat. We had tons of help, visitors and meals brought in once we were home. My mom took off a whole week of work to come over everyday and help with the babies. She was so excited to finally have grandbabies! I loved having her help me hold babies all day and give me nap breaks. She was (and still is) a life saver. Owen's sweet mom came that first week as well and made sure I was fed and taken care of. I'm so glad she was able to be with us and the boys during their first few days. She even came back a few weeks later when Owen was out of town to help. She made us tons of freezer meals and held babies with me all day. Grandmas are the best!

The first month having the baby boys home was the biggest adjustment of our lives. It was babies around the clock. Not only was I trying to juggle being a new mom to two babies, I was still working from home and still having to deal with Owen traveling for work and being gone every other week. I tried at breastfeeding and pumping, but it stressed me out more than anything. So I gave it up. It makes me sad that I did not get that bonding time with the boys, but I decided my sanity was important at that point. Hopefully with the next baby I can experience that part. Looking back, I do not know how I survived! I think Heavenly Father gives mom extra strength during this time, because it was a crazy first month.

The lack of sleep was the worst part! The days were busy with babies and work. And the nights were long having to wake up every 3 hours. It would take an hour and half to feed, burp and put down both babies. I would fall asleep for about an hour then have to wake up and do it all over again. It was exhausting! Especially the nights that Owen was gone. But the long nights were worth it for my sweet boys.


A friend gave us these great beanie beds. Our babies loved them! They layed on them all day and actually slept on them at night too. At night, we kept a pack and play with the bassinet next to our bed. We would lay the babies in the bassinet on their beanie beds. That way, I could always glance over and check on the babies. It worked great for us and they slept that way for the first 5 weeks. When they woke up at night, I would either feed and change them right in my bed (if I was extra tired). Or I would take them into the nursery. Owen and I would each take a baby for the night and would wake up with our baby. I'm so glad I have a husband who was so willing to help.

Feedings were tricky at first. They were so tiny that we would have to hold up and position their heads to make sure they could drink their bottles okay. Luckily, the NICU nurses taught us well. We had to try 3 different brands of bottles until we finally found one that the babies liked and didn't upset their tummys. Burpings always took a while too. They would have to burp about 4-5 times while drinking their bottle.

Grandma Massey

Grandpa Massey

Sue Gilligan (a family friend who is like another grandma) and Grandma Allen

Puppy Jax checking out his little brothers. He was so curious for the first few days when we brought them home. He always wanted to smell them. At night, he would sit in the nursery with me while I fed them and just watch. But he was always really catious around them.

Krew getting his first bath by Grandma Massey

Kash's first bath

Their sleeping positions killed me! So cute.
Krew + Kash

Heading to the doctor for their 1 week apointment. Our car was packed with baby stuff!

Getting checked out by Dr. Auxier

Kash + Krew healthy at their 1 week appointment

Rob Wick and Owen

We went over to my parents one night and had a birthday party to celebrate all 4 of our birthdays (since they are all within 5 days of eachother). I'm sure a combined birthday party will happen for the rest of our lives.

The boys with my twin brothers, Uncle Preston and Uncle Taylor.



Anyone who came over to visit always said "these babies are soo tiny"! I didn't notice how tiny they were because they were all I knew. But now looking at pictures, they were so small. They were both about 5 lbs. when we brought them home, which is nothing. This made them all the sweeter. These tiny baby boys were perfect.

Napping with the babes

Watching their first BYU football game with daddy

At about 3 weeks old, the babies started to 'wake up'. Meaning, they would not sleep as much as the first few weeks. If they were awake, they almost always had to be held, otherwise they were not happy. This made it hard to get ANYTHING done. And it made it hard when I was alone with two babies. Weeks 3-6 were stressful because of this reason! It was hard to juggle holding two babies and giving them the attention that sweet new born babies deserved. It was hard to feed one baby before the other got too grumpy. It was hard to get them burped in time before one threw up. These weeks were HARD. I am so glad I had my mom, sister, mother in law, and others to come help me. Just having someone to hold a baby was the biggest blessing.

This is one of those days when both babies just wanted to be held. The best I could do was prop them up on my legs and wrap my arms around them.

The boys started to enjoy walks and being outside.


At the one month mark, we took the babies to sacrament for the first time. The actually did great! It was the Primary program and they listened and were quiet the whole time.

No one could have ever prepared me for what it would be like to have two babies. Those were some long days and nights, but I loved it. I loved having two sweet new born babies in our home. I loved how they were both mine. I cannot belive how fast they grow and learn. They have taught me so much about myself and have made our little family grow strong.

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