Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Xmas/New Years

DeCeMbEr HiGhLiGhTs

At our work Christmas party

Unfortuantly, I got NO pictures of our Christmas in Arizona. We were too busy being with family and visiting friends. We had lots of fun and were sad to go back to Utah so soon.

This is how we had to drive back to Utah. We brought my twin brothers and their friend back with us so they could do some snowboarding. The most UNCOMFORTABLE drive in my life. I had to sit cross legged the entire time. Never again.

New Years week was quite nice. We only worked for the first 3 days then had the rest off. Owen still had winter break from school too. This was the first time since we were married and moved up here that we could relax and DO NOTHING. It was perfect and I was sad to see it go. I also got NO pictures of our New Years night. Since all of our friends were still out of town, we spent new years night with just each other. We went to Red Lobster (yes red lobster - our attempt to eat someplace new rather than the usual - and it was actually really good) and hung out at the house all night. Then had our kiss at new years. Then bed time. Lovely married life.
We also did the following during the week:

Went on our first snowboard trip of the year at Sundance. Hopefully more to come if we don't get to busy with work and school.

Watched a lot of this

Ate A LOT of these

We were also invited to McKenzie's 2nd birthday party. We went to the bounce house with her, Kaitlyn, Lydia and Dan. SUPER FUN

About to start their race. All of the parents were giving them dirty looks at this point

Kaitlyn attempting to get on the bouncy turtle

Made it!

Me and the birthday girl

Happy 2nd Birthday!
Thanks Dan and Lydia for a fun day

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  1. so we have season one of dexter I keep falling asleep. Guess I should put it on before 11PM. When do you guys come back to AZ in Feb? PLEASE PLEASE make sure you have a time to come play with us.. Owen will have to brush up on tony hawk and I can't wait to play you guys in the New-Old version of super mario bros. Miss ya. Love ya.