Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We miss our puppies. Jax (9 months) and Jade (6 months) and both mini pinchers, are living in AZ with my parents for the time being. We can not have dogs at the house we live in so sadly I had to pawn them off to my parents to take care of for a bit. I never had been attached to dogs growing up but after coming back to UT to an empty house, it was SAD! The pups made up our little family and with out them things were a tad bit more boring. Luckily we get "puppy updates", which is what we call them, on a daily basis. Here are some of their favorite activities in AZ:

1. Jade, being a little cuddlebug, gets to sit on my brothers laps all day as they play their video games.
2. Jax gets his puppy walks every morning and occasionally gets a trip to the dog park. He is a VERY social puppy and loves being around other dogs. Even though he is always the smallest.
3. Jade loves wondering around the back yard in the warm sun. She hated the snow/cold here in Utah so I am sure she appreciates the warm weather. She also has finally made friends with the back yard pet, Ottis the pot bellied pig.
4. Jax loves bringing in what ever he can find outside, ex: sticks, rocks and his favorite, pine cones. He finds his spot right on my dad's comfy chair and chews his item up into tiny little pieces. Sorry for the clean up, dad.

We are glad that they are in a fun and safe place until we move somewhere else. And thanks mom and dad for taking on 2 extra dogs on top of your 3 :)

Owen napping with Jax when we first got him in Atlanta. Owen definilty misses them the most

The puppies favorite way to cuddle : snuggie + bean bag

Our little family


  1. I love the snuggie picture. :) I totally remember the family pig!

  2. So sad!!! Hopefully you won't have to be away from them for too much longer...or me!!!
    See you in 2 weeks!!!