Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I wish...

I wish I had this...

So I can make these...
...without burning them.
Yup that's right...I don't have an oven. At least one that works anyways. The house we live in has a stove/oven from the 1950's...super old. The stove basically works, but the oven doesn't even turn on. So I am forced to use a toaster oven. It usually sometimes gets the job done, but I cannot make a decent cookie for the life of me. No matter what I do, they always end up either not done enough or burnt. Ahh so frusturating! I am excited for the day we have an oven. I am going to try the cookies in the toaster oven one last time...they look so yummy right now.


  1. Hey girl you probably dont remember me but i am sheldon heywoods little sister, i married brandon kent. I just think you guys are so dang cute, and that i am so glad you found such an awesome guy.

  2. come make cookies with me! i love you and being able to stalk you on your blog haha

  3. Hey you can use our oven anytime! Seriously. Please do.