Tuesday, March 27, 2012

California to Arizona

Back in January, we made the big move from San Fran back to Arizona. Owen's work finally transferred him back to Arizona and I couldn't have been happier! This move was long waiting. I missed my family, friends and everything about Arizona. California was a great experience and we made lots of fun memories, but I am an Arizona girl at heart.

So before we headed to Arizona, we spent our last few weeks in San Fran going to places we had never been before. We had to cross off a few more touristy things to see before we left:

We spent a day in Pacifica at the beach...

...and tried the local BBQ (featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives).

We took a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. BEAUTIFUL!

We watched the big waves at Mavericks and Half Moon Bay. We were hoping we would be around for the big wave surfing competition, but it never happened.

We finally went and saw Alcatraz. Everyone who goes to San Fran does this, so we had to see it at least once too. It was a fun little day activity and very interesting. I would recommend it to anyone who goes and visits.

After packing up the apartment in a few days, we loaded the U-haul and left for good!

We found a great little house to rent in Gilbert, AZ. It is amazing to pay less in rent than we were in San Fran for an actual house. Our neighborhood is full of parks, pools and great shopping areas. We love it!

Right when we got to Arizona, we got to spend a few precious days with Owen's Grandpa Stephenson before he passed away. I am so grateful we were able to visit him for the last time. He was a great man and we were lucky to have him.

We headed back to San Fran for a few days to spend Valentines day. Owen was working out there this week so I tagged along. We spent V-Day getting massages and eating dinner in Napa. Even though we lived up here, we had never been to Napa so I'm glad we spent time there to see the area. The vineyards are gorgeous!

We spent another weekend back in Southern California. Again, Owen had to go for work so I came along too. We spent the weekend in San Diego eating and going to the beach. And Owen surfed.

We are pretty much settled into our new house in Arizona. I feel so blessed to be where we are in our lives. It is exactly where we want to be and are still so happy together. I love being back in Arizona to see friends on weekends, have family dinners, work back at the office, enjoy the great AZ spring weather and have a husband who doesn't travel as much. I love the quiet nights at home with my husband and pup but also the fun nights with our long time friends and family. I've missed it so much!

Dog park adventures

Hunger games premiere

California...it was fun. But it's good to be home!

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