Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas 2011

We were able to spend 3 weeks for Christmas in Arizona. Like usual, we got plenty of family, friend and yummy food time.

Once again, reunited with our dog. He misses us. I just know it.

Drove up to Sunrise for a day of snowboarding with Rob & Courtney

Saw my most favorite band, Jimmy Eat World

Saw the Arizona temple lights

Celebrated Christmas Eve at Uncle Dewight & Ginny's

Watched The Grinch on Christmas Eve, a yearly tradition

**I didn't get ANY pictures on the actual Christmas day. For some reason, I never do. It was spent at church, talking to my brothers on missions, gift giving, Christmas dinner and family time. I love being with my family on Christmas.

I had a fabulous girls lunch with high school friends

Took an extra long lunch break from work and went horseback riding with my mom

We went to Sunrise again with Emily and Levi. Owen was so excited to try out his new Christmas presents.

I spent New Years Eve making tamales with my mom. Another yearly tradition.

Rang in 2012 at the Yeager's party with friends

We spent New Years Day at the Cardinals Game. A first for Owen and my dad.

Spent our last day in Arizona with my family at the temple.

I can't believe I survived 2011! I only say that because living away from my family/friends with a traveling husband was hard. Do-able, but not always fun. We had so many great adventures in California, though, and I would not trade anything for the time we have spent here. We have made some great memories together. I am excited for all of the fun changes 2012 has for our little family. Every year with Owen gets better and better!

Change #1 is MOVING back to Arizona in few weeks! Owen's work is moving us back there. My prayers have been answered! It will be so nice to live next to our friends and family again.
2012, I love you already!

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  1. You don't know me. My name is Sharon Wilkins. My husband's name is John Wilkins. We are trying to connect with Owen and Jeanne Allen. Owen was our Branch President when we were stationed at Griffis AFB in Rome, New York. We grew to love Owen and Jeanne so much and we have lost complete track of them over the years. Would you be so kind as to send me an email at and let us know how we can possibly get in touch with Owen and Jeanne? We would be forever grateful. We saw the article in the Church News about Shelley and her husband being called as Mission President. I did a google seach on Owen's name and eventually found some family blogs. Thought this might be a possible avenue to somehow reach them. Thanks so much. Hope you don't mind my intruding on your family blog.