Monday, December 20, 2010

cHrIsTmAs time is near

MERRY almost CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Can you believe it's Christmas in 5 days? December has been flying by and we are ready to celebrate. Owen will finally be home for the rest of the week so we can relax and enjoy the holiday season with friends and family.

I've spent the last week shopping, baking, celebrating, wrapping,
working, and decorating. It's been Christmas craziness in my house. So behold...some of the craziness:

Christmas Cookie baking

Thanks to my mom for getting all of the baking supplies

8 hours and 300 sugar cookies later...

Owen's parents are in town for Christmas and we kicked off the week by visiting the AZ Temple lights. We are blessed to have so many family and friends to celebrate the Christmas season with!


  1. Those are some dang cute cookies, Lys! I love the plate full of cookies & none are cute!...& so much work!

  2. oh how fun! i love you and your cookie making <3

  3. I love your families little traditions like this! I probably would have eaten way too many cookies while decorating. So fun!

  4. Alyssa- it's your super super old bestie from Ms. Perry's class, erin o. I totally hope you see this and email!!!.... like 13 years later!