Tuesday, September 14, 2010


J.E.W. (aka Jimmy Eat World). These guys have been playing on my ipod NON-stop. At home, in the car, at work and even in the shower. My re-found obession for them started when I purchased tickets for their show here at the Marquee Theater next month. I cannot explain how EXCITED I am for this show. I am literally counting down until Oct. 30th. I have been going to their shows since 8th grade and have not missed one since. The last one at Marquee (11th grade) was epic. If you were to ask who my favorite band is, it's them. LOVE them. Not so much their new stuff...but their old music, especially Clarity...epic. I hear their music and so many GREAT memories come back to me.

I am even more excited because I finally get to go to one of their concerts with my LOVE (aka my concert buddy aka Owen). We have always talked about going to a J.E.W. concert together and how fun it would be. We went to one in Utah before we were even together and it was pretty lame...so it does not count. I love how Owen loves them as much as I do. I love that we finally get to go together. SO if you love them too, COME! We have already recruited a nice size group to go, so the more the better.


  1. oh i so wish we could go!! ive never seent hem in concert and ive always wanted to. they are seriously one of my all time favs.. hope yall have fun!

  2. Two words: LOVE JIMMY! When I listen to their older stuff it totally takes me back! You two are so cute and it will be so fun for you two go together for the first time! Cole took me there on our second date and look at where we are now..haha! Love you!