Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What My Future Wife Will Be Like...

I recently discovered this entry in the hubby's mission journal dated back to 2004:
I just thought I should write down a list of what my future wife will be like...
*A family, testimony about temples
*desires to help family in all ways
*a good smart, worker
*talents in some board sport (i.e: snowboarding/surfing/wakeboarding,etc...)
*smaller than me (that cuts down a lot of girls...)
*fun & has stupid/crazy ideas
*cute/hot/gorgeous GIRL
*wears skate shoes (could change after wedding)
*a person that doesn't need to be entertained

This made me want to laugh and cry at the same time when I read this. It makes me think about how certain people are placed in your life to help you grow and learn, but are not THE ONE. And how when THE ONE does come around, it is so ridiculously perfect.


  1. so I wish Blogging had a LIKE button.. Cuz... I like it... You two are adorable... LOVE YA

  2. um, i love this

    --this is girl erin