Monday, November 30, 2009

tUrKeY dAy!

Thanksgiving weekend came and went so fast! Owen and I were able to drive down to AZ to spend the holiday with our families. My family lives there and most of Owen's were in town for his aunt's wedding. It was such a nice break from the cold (the high was in the 80's the entire time!) and a great time to be with family. I was so thankful that this is was my 2nd Thanksgiving with the hubby.

This is Thanksgiving 2008 in Texas. We had been dating for a few months and I went with him to TX for the holiday to meet the entire fam. Such a fun trip!

We spent Thanksgiving day 2009 with my family. I realized I didn't get ANY pictures of my fam and our activities. Sad. But we did a lot of cooking, hanging out with relatives, playing with our puppies. We also had a nice little garage sale and put up Christmas decorations. I have missed my family a ton since moving to Utah, so it was fun to spend time with them. Below are some other activities we did during the holiday weekend:

1st Annual Allen Turkey Trot Owen's mom set up a nice little course for us to run the turkey trot. I enjoyed the few laps around the field rather than the usual 6 mile run!

Me and the hubby about to run our Turkey Trot

McKenzie taking a break at the water table

Owen played football with his friends Thanksgiving morning while I helped my mom with cooking

Shauna (Owen's aunt) got married. Such a beautiful bride!

My cute hubby

The Allen Family

We went to dinner and a movie with my best friend Emily and her husband Levi. I loved this double date! It was the first time we've ever gone out together with the hubbys. Hopefully we'll live in AZ soon so we can play more

Friends! We were able to hang out with a bunch of our friends over at Rob's.

AND...I also got my driver's license changed while I was in AZ. I'm officially Alyssa ALLEN!

This was such a great vacation. I'm already counting down the days when we get to go back for Christmas. I love the holidays and this time of year!

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