Sunday, November 1, 2009

Life of the Allens (from the last 2 months)...

We got mArRiEd on Aug. 20, 2009

Allen Family

Massey Family

Owen's guys

My girls

Our bridal party

Our besties

The aMaZiNG house we had our reception at in Mesa

Party time!

SUCH a fun night. Honeymoon time...

We went on our HoNeYmOoN in Rocky Point, Mexico...

Loved the beach...

Loved the shopping...

Loved the tacos and pina coladas at the pool bar...

Love each other

We moved into our cUtE little house in Provo
(Owen's grandma is letting us stay there while Owen finishes school. Rent=mowing the lawn. We love it)

We went to dinner with some of Owen's friends for HIS birthday in Aug.

BoldWe went to the Alpine Slides in Park City for MY birthday in Sept.

We like to GoLf

We went to the Blink 182 concert. Our combined birthday presents to ourselves

My parents came to visit us for the weekend. They stayed at our house and we did some fun activities while they were here. (I'm the first kid to live away from home so I think they had fun venturing out of AZ life) ((for some reason I look 4 months pregnant in this pic, I promise I'm not))

We went to General Conference

In front of the conference center. I was happy my parents could come for their very first general conference

We have been to a variety of BYU football games...

(My very first BYU game. I go because I love the churros. True story)

BYU vs. Utah State
My parents came to visit for this game

Emily and Joe came from TX to go to the game

Owen finished his first Sprint Triathlon that was put on by BYU. He did so good and hopes to do another one again soon

We saw the leaves change to fAlL cOlOrS. Here is a tree in our backyard (pretty to look at, but not fun to clean up after)

We carved pumpkins with some friends. It doesn't feel like Halloween to me until we carve pumpkins. Owen is the dolphin and mine is the witch (we still don't know why he chose a dolphin)

We went to a VERY legit hAuNtEd HoUsE in Salt Lake. It's actually on the Travel Channel as one of the best in the US. (Another mandatory Halloween activity)

We celebrated Halloween with some fun friends
hApPy HaLlOwEen!!
owen was thomas and I drove the train


  1. hey alyssa, i just saw that you posted your blog on facebook! you guys are so cute and i love all of the pictures! your costumes are so so cute too! my blog is private so email me and i will send you a link to it!

  2. You are so cute... glad to see you and my bro are having fun.. Can't wait to see you guys again in a few weeks. Miss ya.

  3. Cute costume's!!! Levi and I were lame this year and didn't dress just wait tho, next year we will throw a party and YOU better be home by then!!! I'm happy you finally got the pictures uploaded on here :) I can't wait to see you! Miss you and love you lots!