Thursday, May 19, 2011

SF Adventures

Over the past few weeks we have been able to do more fun activities:

We visited my cousin and his family who lives North of San Francisco. They took us to some nearby wineries to check out. The vineyards are beautiful! I can't wait to go to Napa sometime and see more. I hear they even have Sparkling Apple Cider for those who don't drink wine. Perfection!

We then headed to a Redwood National park. The forest is so green and the Redwood trees are HUGE...Both around and tall. I have always loved the redwood trees and I'm glad Owen got to see them too. Northern California really does have beautiful sights to see!

I spy a banana slug:

Last week we were invited by Owen's manager to go to a Giants baseball game at AT&T Park. And even better, they were playing the AZ Diamondbacks! However, I quickly decided my new allegiance lies with the Giants, only because the fans are AWESOME and I no longer knew a single player on the Dbacks team.

The game was really fun...probably the most fun baseball game I've ever been too. It's great to have an exciting crowd who was excited about the game. The Giants were the 2010 World Champs after all! And I loved sporting my new Tim Lincecum hoodie.

This last weekend Emily and Levi came back in town and stayed with us all weekend long. It was Emily's 25th Birthday so we celebrated! We did lots of sight seeing, shopping, eating, laughing and enjoying eachother's company. I loved it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY! Best friends for 22 years and counting!

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