Monday, November 1, 2010


Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year? The smells, the weather, the fall decor: everything! October came and went so fast...but an eventful one it was. We spent our last weekend in October with some fun Halloween activities:

We went to the AZ Scream Park with Em & Levi.:.Very entertaining and sometimes spooky

Me and my bestie

The next night we went to Jimmy Eat World's HALLOWEEN SHOW

Everything about it was amazing and we loved being front and almost-center

We celebrated Halloween at home.:.We made an entire day of it.:.the perfect Halloween!

We decorated Halloween sugar cookies

We had yummy Taco Soup

We carved more pumpkins

Owen's Skeleton.:.Alyssa's Spider

The Trick-Or-Treaters Welcoming Committee
Lily the Pirate.:.Jade the Witch.:.Jax the Bat

Yummy Candy

I loved doing ALL of the fun Halloween traditions with Owen this year

In other non-Halloween news...we FINALLY found out from Owen's work where we will be relocated too.....


(not until after the holidays though)


  1. oh my goodness you guys are way too cute! i loved the pumpkins! you are way too good at stuff <3

  2. The AZ Scream Park was so much fun!! {Emily, your my birthday present, Emily...."Hey guys!! Emily's coming!!!} Hahahaha oh my goodness, you're so getting it next time we go to a Haunted House!
    I cannot wait to come visit you in San Fran!! I'm thinking either late Jan or March is the soonest I can come!

  3. Looks like you guys had a fun filled Halloween weekend! Congrats on the San Francisco news... that'll be a blast!