Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Update

February turned out to be a busy month for our little family. Luckily I got a few pictures to capture our adventures.

Valentines Day weekend we headed back down to Arizona. My little brother, Sterling, was coming home from his Raleigh, North Carolina mission. Seriously, what a stud. We were best buds before he left so I was super excited to have him back. I was the one who dropped him off two years ago at the MTC, so it was surreal to have him back already.

We met Sterling at the airport

My mom was the MOST happy to have him back. Two missionaries down, two more to go

We got to see our puppies! This is Jade in her favorite cuddle spot with Owen.
When we got to AZ, we thought Jade looked a little on the heavier side. We wondered if she was preggo, but we did not know for sure because she is so young. Well Friday night around 1:00AM, sure enough she had a puppy herself (just one)! We were so nervous it would be hard for her, but she has been a good little mommy. I am waiting to post some pics until the puppy is a little bigger, right now it looks like a little black rat :)

We drove back to Utah and brought Stephanie (Owen's little sister) and her new baby, Kennedy up with us. They got to visit for a whole week and stayed with Lydia. Owen's mom was also in town for when Lydia has her baby. Also, Owen's other sister Emily and her family moved up to Utah this week. So it was fun hanging out with family up here, especially a bunch of girls (and Owen)! Unfortunatley, I got no pictures of this week. But we did a lot of hanging around, eating, and even a trip to Costco...Thanks Linda :)

One night everyone had a sewing project. I worked on these baby quilts. My family is going to Disneyland in a month and if you sign up to volunteer for a service project, they give you a ticket to Disneyland. It's a pretty sweet deal, so I made these two tie baby quilts. They turned out pretty cute and were super easy/cheap to make. So Disneyland here we come...

Lydia and Dan had their 3rd little girl.
Heidi Marie Liddle:

Dan and all his girls!

We also squeezed in a little snowboard trip with some friends on Friday. Owen and I snowboarded all day at Sundance, then went to Brighton with Brock and Liz that evening for some night boarding. Sooo tiring, but it was a lot of fun! I think I still prefer going in the day, night time is a little too dark for me and freezing.

Brock and Liz Mason

Now we are spending the weekend and weekdays babysitting these fun kids. Emily and Joe went on a cruise (luckies). I'm glad to have these kids close to us now so I get to know them a bit better.


  1. Nice goggles over the hoody Owen. Queer.

  2. I loved the quilts you made Lys. Also, can't believe Sterling is so big - holy cow!

  3. can i just say that i am so glad you decided to stop stalking and leave a comment on my blog??? ;) we LOVE owen and we love you! looks like you guys are doing great!

    you guys need to get back here ASAP so we can all be friends (again).